House Rules

Cats Playground Rules Small1. Please don’t hurt The Cat! Don’t pull their tails, whiskers, ears, etc. Aren’t they’re too precious to be hurt? :(

2. Please don’t disturb sleeping cat. Pet them gently if you want, but try not to wake them up.

3. Don’t make a loud noise. The loud noise might upset the cat and force them to retreat from the crowd.

4. Don’t give foods to the cats. They have their own set of foods.

5. Please don’t use camera flash when taking pictures. The bright light from camera flash might hurt the cats’ eyes.

6. Don’t carry up the cat, except if they hop onto your lap on their own. However, if you really want to carry up the cat, please consult our staff. There’s some kind of trick on carrying a cat, so that the cat’s feels quite safe and doesn’t struggle too much. And please let go of the cat if they really struggle and don’t want to be carried up.

7. Kids under 7 years old age have to be accompanied by an adult. Please watch over them when they’re interacting with the cats. Kids older than 1 year old have to pay full admission fee.

8. Please follow our café rules with respect. We have the rights to stop our services if you don’t follow our rules or report any inappropriate behaviour to the police if necessary.