Cat’s Village

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Cat’s Village is one of the cat café in Indonesia, and we are the first in Bandung. As the name sounds, Cat’s Village is trying to give you a place to relax and relieve your stress by enjoying the cats behaviour that gonna give you a smile like when you’re back at your hometown or just having a vacation at a peaceful village!

A cozy interior of Cat’s Village

Cat’s Village is a playground where customers play with cute and lovely cats. The cats were kept within the café area and are all owned by Cat’s Village. No outside cats are allowed to enter the playground area, since there might be an environmental difference that might bring up a health issues of the cats.

Cat’s Village Cats is hanging-out together!

The Cat’s Village’s playground area are designed based on the needs of the cats and their interaction with humans. The playground are full with shelves in which the cat can jump on. The cats, who loves higher places, are free to run, jump, and roam around with the shelves. In the middle of the playground area, there are huge Cat Tree designed especially for the cats of Cat’s Village. This huge cat tree become the central playing area either for the cats or the customers.

Cat Tree in the middle of the playground area

The difference between Cat’s Village and the other cat café are that there are two main parts of the café in Cat’s Village.  The first floor are a normal, cat-themed café, where customers relax and enjoy the unique and delicious menus of Cat’s Village. The second floor is a Cat’s Playground where customers can meet and play with cute cats. For those who wants to play with cats can simply go to Cat’s Playground. While those who don’t want to interact with cats by some reason, could still relax in the cat-themed café while enjoying Cat’s Village’s delicious menus. One thing to note is that not all menus are allowed in Cat’s Playground to prevent cats from eating human foods.

Delicious foods from Cat’s Village’s kitchen.